Thursday, October 23, 2008

Trip to UTAH

We went to Utah this past weekend to visit the family. We loved seeing everyone and seeing the fall leaves. My kids favorite part about going on vacation is getting to roll the suitcases through the airport.

Nice pillow Connor
These two boys LOVE to play with each other. The are out of control!!!
The three musketeers. Portor, Zach and Riley.

We had a family picture taken at wheeler farm. I can't wait to see them. Thanks Jeni your the best!!!
We went to the scarecrow festival at Thanksgiving point with Grandma and cousin Ray. The kids loved it.

Connor making his rocket at the festival

Ty and I went to the "Body Exhibit" with Jon, Bree, Steve, and my mom. It was SO cool. For those of you that live in SLC you should for sure GO. I thought it was so educational and wished I had taken my kids. AWESOME!!!

On the way home Connor got to sit in the pilots seat. The Pilot explained how to fly the plane to Connor. What a stud.
Zach loved the ear phones.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Samantha's birthday party. Cutest cake ever
Zach enjoying his lollipop
For the party we played fear factor games. The kids LOVED it. (thanks cousin Amy)
For this game each girl was given a piece of bubble gum. The first team to have someone blow a bubble WON.

For this game on girl was blindfolded caring a cup full of water and another girl was 20 feet in front of them with a empty cup. The rest of the team had to give them directions on how to get to the team mate with the empty cup. They then would pour their water into the empty cup and return to their starting position to fill their cup back up. The team that was able to fill the empty cup up first won.

This was Samantha's favorite game. I put whipping cream on one girl from each team. Then the rest of the team threw Cheetos at them for 45 sec. The team with the most Cheetos on the face at the end won.

WHOOPEE CUSHION RACE. The kids had to run and find a whoopee cushion under a blanket then sit on it. The team that was able to sit on all the whoopee cushion first WON

For this game the teams had a carton of eggs. They had to take one egg at a time and pass it to their team mates and then into a plastic cup. The first team to fill up a plastic cup WON

For this game the girls had to find gummy worms in a pie full of whip cream with their mouth. Once they found them their partner had to eat a new gummy worm. The team that had all five gummy worms eaten won.

This game the kids had to drink half a shot glass of LEMON JUICE. The first team to have all players drink it down won. (I was shocked they all did it WOW)
This Game was RAT toss, they had to use their mouth to get fake rats out of a bowl of water. Then they had to toss them into a bucket that their team was holding.

Happy Birthday Samantha, We love you!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Samantha turned eight on October 1st. She is so grown up now. She is such a special spirit. She is full of love and light. I am so thankful that she is my daughter and am thankful for all of the many lessons that she has taught me. She is always willing to help out with her younger brothers who adore her. She makes friends so easily and is loved by all. Samantha you light up our home, thanks for being YOU!
Samantha and her friend Morgan.
Samantha choose to eat at Olive Garden for her birthday dinner. Grandma and Grandpa MacDonald came and also our new friends. Samantha choose Olive Garden because she new that they had a good chocolate cake that you get when its your birthday! (that's my girl)
We pulled the kids out of school on Friday and surprised them with taking them to Disneyland to meet up with their cousin from Northern California. They were so excited!!
Thanks Uncle Dave and Aunt Darlene for spending the day with us. We had so much fun!! We love out pumpkin necklaces and Samantha has worn her new earrings EVERYDAY!!