Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!!! We had a wonderful Easter. We first had a SNOW easter egg hunt here in Bear lake and then we went to SLC to have a easter egg hunt with the family. Sam loved the warm weather and decided she would wear a tank top, even though it was only like 60. Connor loved playing with his cousin Ray, they are out of control together. And Zach loved to see his cousin Portor but was sad that his other little cousin Riley couldn't make it, his daddy was at the fire house. We hope all of you had a wonderful Easter.

Our Dollhouse

Okay so I thought it was about time that I put a picture on here of our dollhouse!!! This is the rental that we have been living in sense August. We moved in here thinking that we would only be in here a month or two. LOL. This is place has two bedrooms and is about 1000 sq feet on TWO levels. HE HE. We have made multiple offers on different homes but have always backed out because it just has never felt right. Which is such a wonderful blessing. The good news is that we are still in the dollhouse and we never bought a home. This is good news because we once again will be moving on to a new adventure. Ty's job at the high school is not quite working out. The school here is to controlling with the kids and Ty feels that the kids are not treated the way that they deserve to be treated. So we now get to create a new adventure and move on. At this point in time we dont know where life will take us. Maybe to SLC, Logan, or California? We are looking at all of our options and seeing what is the best opportunity for our family. Well I hope you all have a greater sense of gratitude for your homes after seeing our cute dollhouse. However this has been such a wonderful experience to live in this dollhouse for so long becasue: we are all together all the time (there is no room to go anywhere else), we have realized that we don't need all the stuff we have (everything is still in storage), we have spent more time as a family then we ever used to (there is no where to go up here in the winter so you get to stay inside all the time), we have saved money by not eating out (the resturants are only open on the weekends up here in the winter), and most of all I will never take for granted the little things in life like a dishwasher, a garbabge disposal, a garage, supermarkets, firemen and paramedics that are sitting there waiting for me to call (everything is volunteer up here, which kinda scares me). I am so grateful for all of the wonderful times that we have had up here in Bear lake but I am definately looking forward to a new adventure.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sky Johansen

Okay so I finally figured out how to get pictures on to a slide show. I have been wanting to get these pictures on here for forever. I had these pictures done of the kids by Sky Johansen. She is amazing. You can check out her website at Skyjohansen.com . I am so thankful to have these beautiful pictures of my beautiful children. I will cherish them always.