Saturday, February 28, 2009

First beach day of the year

We went to Carlsbad today!!  It was SO nice to play at the beach and get out of the house.  Zach was so excited he yelled at every wave! ONE more reason why I love living in Southern California!!

Friday, February 27, 2009


So for those of you that don't know Zach LOVES this stupid blanket.  Well it's really not even a blanket.  It a piece of material that he found in the closet one day and now can't stand to be with out it.  So my crazy boy, is always caring around this PINK blanket.  LOL.  So in this picture he has got his blanket and he is putting on Sam's dress shoes.  Can't get better than than.  I love that his toes are pointed.  LOL.  Connor told me not to put it on the website cuz it would hurt his feelings someday.  LOL 


Look at his face

My brown eye boy

He is SO stinkin cute


Zach playing tetherball
Connor getting student of the week! In his western wear!

The School had a western day last friday.  The kids were so excited to get dressed up with their friends.   Connor had the whole outfit going.  He had a hat, boots, belt, and bandana.  Guess thats what happens when you live in Bear lake for a year. 

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Nothing better then a Popsicle!!!

Look at that smile!!!
Look at that face!!!

She just got done eating her Popsicle and still at 8 has a messy face!!
What a cutie!
How great is this picture!!!
Messy face from chocolate ice cream!!

Ty got me a new camera for Valentines day!!  So we went to the park and took some pictures.  I LOVE my new camera.  Thanks Ty!  I can't wait to learn all about my new camera!!

Daddy daughter dance

The elementary school puts on a daddy daughter dance every year.  Samantha was SO excited to go.  She got to pick out a new dress and she even got a new tie for Ty to wear.  We went out to dinner with some of her friends and their families and then they were off for a night of DANCING!!!  Samantha loved the night and Ty also said it was a great tradition!!

Samantha and her friend Payton, and Paytons sister Madison.

Samantha Student of the week!!

Samantha was student of the week!!  We are so proud of you Samantha!  Every Friday they have an assembly and announce who is student of the week.  Well Zach insisted that he be able to go sit with Connor and his class.  


Big Bear Sledding!

Moving sidewalk to take you to the top of the hill!!
It was such a nice day that we didn't even need coats!!
Zach loved it!
We had such a good time sledding and spending the day up in the mountains!!  But we are sure glad that we don't live in the snow anymore!!