Monday, January 5, 2009


Zach is obsessed with the potty! He is WAY to young. He comes and tells me after he pees and poops and wants a new diaper. He has never gone in the potty but he totally knows whats going on! So what do you think is he ready? He is only 191/2 months!! My other kids didn't potty train until they were 2 1/2! He also just figured out how to climb out of the crib! CRAP!! He is so funny! This is what he does every meal! I have to wash him down in the sink at least twice a day. Sometimes I will look over and he will just have a chip on his head. He is obsessed with putting everything on his head!
If this wasn't bad enough he now thinks it's fun to play in his poop! I have got him out of the crib three times now covered in poop! No matter what I dress him in he figures out how to get his clothes off! What a little stinker!


We had a wonderful Christmas! We loved opening presents with the kids! Eating our traditional breakfast crepes! And being lazy ALL day!

Samantha got an American girl doll! Thanks Grandma Jo!

Incredible Connor!!

Zach got this red buggy and he is STILL in heaven with it!

Opening presents with Grandma Connie and Grandpa Wayne

look at those eyes!

Sam showing off her new Mp3 player! She loves it!

The Polar Express

Connor's kindergarten class all made a train and then paraded through the rest of the school! They all got to wear their pajama's it was really cute!