Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Samnatha started 2nd grade and Connor started Kindergarten. I can't believe that they are both in school. WOW. Samantha was so excitted to start school. She loves her teacher and is so happy she can FINALLY wear her new school clothes. Connor LOVES kindergarten. After the first day he told me that it was EXCELLENT. Connor's kindergarten is an extended day so he goes from 9 am untill 2 pm and Samantha goes from 9am untill 3:30pm. So it is just me and Zach at home. I am so glad that they love school !!
Connor sitting at his desk the first day. Mom's and Dad's go to come to school the first day.
This is what Connor did on the first day. It is "the kissing hand". There is this cute book about a raccoon that goes to school for the first time and the mom kisses his hand and draws a heart and tells him that when ever he gets scared to look at his hand and he will know that his mommy loves him. What was so cute about this was that Samantha knew this story and the night before she drew a heart on Connors hand and had me kiss it, she then told him that if he got scared he could look at his hand and remember mommy loves him. How cute is that.

Lake Arrowhead

Zach likes to put everything on his head when he is eating. So he now has to have a bath after every meal in the sink. In this picture he has beans all over him. What a goof ball.

We went up to Lake Arrowhead this past weekend. We lived in lake arrowhead when I was pregnant with Samantha in 2000. This is where we bought our first home. It was fun to go back and show Samantha her first home. (it has not been taken care of at all). We also stopped by and saw some of our old good friends. They were totally shocked to see us but is was so fun to catch up.