Thursday, May 28, 2009

Zach turns TWO

I can't believe my baby is TWO now!!  He is such a joy on our family!!  Zach is a clown and is always trying to make us laugh.  He is independent and full of adventure.  If he wants something he will find a way to get it.  Zach is amazing, a joy to be around, he is independent and can entertain himself, he is always excited to play with other kids, he is easy going and very rarely throws a fit, but most of all he is such a wonderful blessing in our family!!  We love you Zachary!!

Mothers DAY

Scott and Connor
Denise and Sam
Fun at the Stolls pool
The kids at work for a mothers day Breakfast!
This was the most amazing mothers day ever!!!  I was told to stay in bed by Connor.  I could hear the kids down stairs cooking.  Connor then came back and said " mam I am to escort you to breakfast" .  I walked down to find this masterpiece.  A waffle with a cupcake in the center with frosting, animal crackers and jellybeans on top, eggs around the edges, and a drink of lemonade.  I about died!!  I have the most amazing kids ever!!!