Friday, January 4, 2008

Well its a new year! WOW. I have always loved looking at other peoples blogs it is fun to see what people are doing. I guess that is why I have decided to create my own blog. Christmas was great the kids had a lot of fun. Connor got a motorcycle he has been out ridding it even with the snow. Sam got a nintendo DS she is having fun learning how to play it. Zach was just excitted with all of the wrapping papaer. Ty and I just celebrated our ten year aniversary. WOW. We just made an offer on a house here in Garden City and our hoping to be able to move into it at the end of the month. Now all of you can start coming up to visit us now that we will be out of the doll house. Ty is enjoying his new job and all of the kids love him. I am now working a couple days down at Logan Regional Hospital and love it. I am still visiting my two hospice patients with Access. Well good bye for now