Monday, December 8, 2008

Friend Party

For Connor's Party we rented a jump house and had it set up at the park across the street from us. It was a perfect sunny day. Connor had a blast with all of his kindergarten friends. It was so fun to have both sets of Grandparents their to celebrate his birthday!
Connor we are so thankful to have you in our lives. You are such a special spirit and bring so much to our family. I am blessed everyday to learn from you. Thanks for being you!

More birthday fun

We had a cake that night with Grandma and Grandpa for Connors birthday! We also opened presents. Connor got a Nintendo DS. He was thrilled.
We also opened up Christmas presents from Grandma and Grandpa. Sam got the Girl Gourmet cupcake maker. Sam and Grandma where in heaven making cupcakes all weekend!!


Happy Birthday Connor!! For Connor's birthday we took him to the Aquarium of the Pacific. Grandma and Grandpa Thorpe flew in from SLC to spend the weekend with you. We had so much fun seeing all of the fish.
Zach looking at the jelly fish

touching the sting rays

toothless smile

Grandma with a bird on her!

Grandma bought the kids a animal, thanks Grandma!

Beauty Queen!!


The kids love to take a bath in our big master tub.

Sleeping Angle

I have never had any of my kids fall asleep in the high chair! I was shocked when I looked over and found this sleeping angle. When ever Zach sits he always crosses his feet, so cute!


As you can see my turkey turned out PERFECT!!!
My First turkey!

Ty's first time carving the turkey!! Way to go babe it was GREAT!
Zach loves to snuggle with his Grandpa!

Zach enjoying the turkey!

Sam and Emily

Dave and Darleen

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had Ty's parents over along with his brother Dave, sister in law Darleen and their daughter Emily. The food was yummy and it was so fun for Ty and I to host our first Thanksgiving. We are so thankful that Dave and Darleen could travel down from Northern California to see us.