Monday, March 30, 2009

Utah Vacation

M & M store in Vegas
Riley and Zach
Connor and Milo
Everyone giving a back massage
Riley (Peter and Katie's baby) Zach  and Portor(Alisa and Jared's baby)

Connor and Grandpa making a snowman

Sam and Grandma made a dress for her and for her American girl doll! WOW
Zach sharing

Samantha is almost as tall as Grandma Jo!!!

Mother Son BINGO

The elementary school put on a Mother Son bingo night.  It was a blast.  It was a sports theme, so Connor wore his green soccer uniform and I wore Ty's old baseball jersey from when he was 12.(it was a little tight LOL)  We were both number 4.  

Samantha's 2nd grade program

Samantha had a 2nd grade program.  She had a speaking part!  She did AWESOME!!!