Thursday, May 22, 2008



We are so excited that Zachary is turning one. His official birthday is May 24th, but we celebrated it with the family this past weekend along with cousin Ray's birthday. Zach is such a joy in our lives. Sam and Connor adore him and he just loves it when they play with him. I am so blessed to have another amazing baby. I love Zach because he cuddles with me, because he takes LONG naps which allows me to nap after working the night shift, because he is so dang cute, but most of all because every time I look at him I know how wonderful my life is. I am so blessed to have three amazing children. I love you.

This is the greatest video of Zach having his first birthday cake. Thanks to Portor for showing him what to do! We are so happy to have been able to celebrate Zach's first birthday with family.

Learning to walk

Zachy officially took his first steps on Monday all by himself!!! My mom is so awesome and is always getting the grandkids fun stuff. This is the latest a walker/bike. Mom Zach loves it!! Thanks for all you do and for being such an awesome grandma.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Congratulations Jon and Bree. Jonathan was married on May 15 to Bree the greatest sister in law ever. ( well just as great as Katie) There wedding was beautiful and I have to say that the cute kids running around was the greatest part. Can you believe how stinking cute the three boys look! WOW. Samantha was a flower girl and she ended up catching Bree's bouquet. I am so happy that you two found each other. Love you! Have a great honeymoon


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

First Grade field trip

Samantha's first grade class went on a field trip to a farm in Logan to see what life was like in 1919. They had a great time miling cows and learning how to make butter. The only sad part was that it was snowing!! I am so ready for summer!!

Okay I am so happy that Zach is now at the finger food stage!!! I love that I can put him in the high chair and just let him go to town! I love how messy he gets too.

Weekend at Grandmas

This past weekend we went to Salt lake for a bridal shower for our new aunt to be Bree. Uncle Jon is getting married on May 15. We are so excited. We spent the whole weekend looking for clothes for the wedding. Sam is going to wear a beautiful pink dress that Bree got for her. As for the boys Alisa and I went to EVER store in South town mall looking for bow ties and dress shirts for the three babies and for Connor and Ray. I can't believe how hard it was to find anything. I guess dress shirts are out of season. We finally found three matching dress shirts for the babies at Gap at Fashion place mall. But we did not have any luck with bow ties or anything for Connor and Ray. So on Monday after Sam got on the bus the boys and I went to Logan to begin the search again. I went to a children's specialty shop and SCORED!! Yeah they had bow ties. As we were looking at the ties Connor dropped some on the floor, so of course I told him to PICK THEM UP. As he bent down he started screaming. I casually hugged him and asked what happened. And then I looked at him and noticed that his eye was bloody. AAHH!! After examining it closer I realized that the metal rod sticking out from the wall had poked him in the eye. I was pretty sure that it was okay but we still ran over to the insta care to make sure. Everything is okay the Doctor said he will just have a bloody eye for like two weeks. YEAH!! Anyway we had a wonderful time visiting Grandma and Grandpa.

Yummy chicken

Okay so i have the best new dinner idea. You take chicken strips and roll them in ranch dressing and then in crushed gold fish crackers. Then bake them in the oven for like 15-20 min. and whalla dinner that kids love. Just had to share.